Moressa - erotic dice game spanish

Moressa - erotic dice game spanish

5,90 €
Varastotuote. Toimitusaika 24-48h.


Amoressa brings the perfect complement that you were waiting for your couple plays. Now with this dice, passion will be increased and of course...amusement!!


  • Every lover throw in turn both dice . Pink cube will indicate the action and white cube the place where action indicated by pink dice must be done.  

It contains: 

  • 1 action dice ( pink color color)
  • 1 place dice (white color) 
  • Nice and practical fabric bag to keep and transport everywhere you go for limitless passion.


  • 1 dado de acción (color rosa)
  • 1 dado de lugar (color blanco)
  • Práctica bolsa con el logo Moressa para que puedas guardarlos y llevarlos donde quieras para que la pasión no tenga límites
Moressa is a benchmark brand for its design, quality and technology. We have developed an innovative product and taken care of every last part of the manufacturing process to ensure the best result.  Moressa is a symbol of energy, strength and guarantee. Buying an Moressa Sex toy is to feel connected to the modern world. Each Moressa Toy will transport you to a different world of sensations. An unbeatable result thanks to the comfortable Premium silicone used, and our ergonomic designs.Moressa has revolutionised the Sex toy industry and market and we work continuously on innovative designs to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.​

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