Coverme - klitoris suction & powerful g-piste rush vibraattori

Coverme - klitoris suction & powerful g-piste rush vibraattori

55,90 €
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The new COVERME collection is designed and thought to develop the fantasies that you have always thought of and that have filled your mind with the guarantee of a top quality toy. COVERME kills thanks to its powerful low-frequency motors. Silky smooth silicone enhances the beauty of a toy that always leaves you wanting to use it again.

Enjoy the soft touch of its curves, its two strong motors and dare to stimulate your two greatest pleasure zones at the same time. Its curved and flexible body is designed to easily reach the G-spot, while its other end is responsible for sucking the clitoris. Mix its vibration and suction modes as you like and this toy will make you reach ecstasy in a comfortable and explosive way, being the best friend you can have by your side in your most intimate moments.


  • 10 modos de vibración
  • Clitoral and G-spot stimulation
  • Super powerful motor
  • Super flexible
  • USB rechargeable
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • Super soft silicone and ABS
  • Body safe material
  • Phthalate free
  • Free WATERFEEL Neutral Lube 6 ml

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